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Wall Mounted Phones

Wall mounted phones are phones that actually mount directly to the wall, as opposed to sitting on a countertop or some other surface. While most of the phones used in the world are either cell phones or regular phones, wall mounted telephones serve many purposes that are very advantageous.

In fact, if more people knew how convenient wall mounted phones could be, there would probably be more of them in use. Wall mount phones are very convenient because you can put them anywhere.

You can install the cradle on any wall surface, and as long as you are within reach of a phone jack, you are good to go! You can mount it in your kitchen, in your dining room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, or even in the garage!

Or, you can even mount one in every room! That way, you can answer the phone easily without ever needing to walk very far.

No more running for the phone, only to have the answering machine pick up right when you get there!

Whether the wall mount phones are cordless or even on a cord really makes no difference, though cordless is generally preferred nowadays.

If you are going to be getting wall mount phones, then here is some information that you might want to remember. First of all, the question as to whether or not you buy a cordless wall phone is probably the biggest one to think about.

The biggest reason for using a corded wall phone is because, even if the power goes down, these phones will still work as long as the phone lines are active. If, however, the power goes out while you are using your cordless phone, you will no longer be able to call out or receive calls on it. So, if you are in an area where power outages happen frequently (such as in very rural areas), you might want to buy a corded wall mounted phone.

However, if you live in an area where this is usually not an issue, or if you have a cell phone with you all the time anyway, then there is really no reason not to buy cordless wall mounted telephones. A cordless phone, as you will probably find, is a lot handier and easier to use. It also does not keep you confined to a specific area, which is one of the best things about it.

 wall mounted phone

 wall mounted telephones

 wall mounted phone

As far as price goes, wall mount phones are not really any more expensive than regular cordless or corded phones. In fact, many regular phones double as wall mounted telephones if installed properly. Proper installation, however, IS essential so that the phone does not simply slide off of the cradle and break.

 wall mounted phones

 wall mounted phones

 wall mount phones

You can find a lot of great deals for wall mount phones online, and with a little bit of comparison shopping, can find great deals on phones for your entire home. We specifically discuss one of the GE wall phones on the next page. A wall mounted phone take up a lot less desk space, and having more room will definitely put you in a better mood on Monday morning!

 wall mount phone

 wall mounted telephones

 wall mounted telephone